Poems by
Eshan Maanas

Sweet little World

a poem by Eshan Maanas

Walking on the golden beach,
Palm trees swaying towards each;
Across my mind thoughts hop,
Pure as the fresh dew drops.

I wish I could fly high,
Touch the clouds in the blue sky,
Feel the pleasant morning sun,
And have all the fun.

The serene rain hiding the tears,
Washing away all the fears;
The sweet smell of the earth,
Creating a sense of mirth.

Faith and honour in all places,
Mellifluous voices all over,
Love is there everywhere!
This is my sweet little world.

The sparkling stream calmly flowing,
The cool breeze gently blowing,
The lively birds gaily singing!
Amid the cool green shades.

Lovely nature in harmony,
Panache and beauty in the plenty,
Celebrating with me, the joy of life!
In my sweet little world.