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Say it to my face

a poem by Erica

When a rumor about you starts to fly,
you feel like you could just die,
its like wild fire spreading fast,
and no one will let it past,
they need to analyze it,
make it worth something,
every laugh, every snicker,
sends that flame to a flicker,
shoulders slumped you do not talk,
and down the long hallway do you walk,
every whisper, every stare,
is directed at one head of hair,
how did it start?
Where did it start?
You tell yourself not to cry,
but this is just too big of a lie,
your friends are no where to be seen,
everyones being just too mean,
all you can do it ride it out,
so my friend, please don’t pout…
Just tell them, “Say it to my face.”