Poems by
Dr. Vijay

Call of Cherub, Down but not Out

a poem by Dr. Vijay

Am I not another fresh fragrant flower in the garden
am I not another melodious soothing song to the ear
am I not another graceful bird in the flowery garden
am I not another pretty bright cherry, lovely to bear.

Am I not another dazzling gem in the jewel so glittery
am I not here to bring rapture and delight to my parents
am I not the bright twinkling star at night, so glittery
am I not the honey and sugar to my darling parents.

May be there’s less sparkles in my little lustreless eyes
may be there’s less efficacy in my tiny lifeless limbs
may be there’s no musical melody from my cries
may be I can’t mentally challenge my efficient sibs.

May be here I’m, so badly incomplete in many faculties
may be I’m abound with dreary deficiencies too many
may be I’m sanctified with many such a difficulties
may be I’m engulfed in mysterious riddles too many.

Spite of battered body and soul, there’s strong will
somehow to attain the ever evading normalcy, is my drive
aware and alert, I’m, already, of my limits and still
it’s but natural instinct to, with dignity and delight, thrive.

I’ve heard of many, who served, many a living in past
with large heart, sympathy, cognition and generous hand
without asking or pleading, many deeds which did last
with effects lasting long, well after they disband.

I appeal to you to render a generous helping hand
to put both my feet firm on the ground forever
I definitely need that extra bit of pushing hand
with mind to accept me socially as integral, forever.

With your acceptance and assistance I’ll reach higher
with your endurance and support I’ll be an achiever
with your prep and patience, my voice may sound louder
my life will be fuller, better, brighter and worthier.