Poems by
Dr. Vijay

August Appeal, Save Dames

a poem by Dr. Vijay

Women are the real essence for existence of lives
are the crucial sole soil from which erupts the lives
are the basic rhythmic drum beat of our lively music
are the strong binding fibre of the social fabric.

Are the steady strong staff on, our long lives twine
are the sunshine for lustreless male moons that shine
are the undeviating wind on which human flag ruffle
are the clement cardinal force to stop society tumble.

Wonder why are we so stubbornly and stupidly antiselves
wonder why are we ruthlessly annihilating ourselves
wonder why are we unendingly crippling this humanity
wonder why are we willfully strangling the neck of humanity.

Stop the merciless abuse of husbands on spouses weaker
to crush them totally physically and emotionally meeker
stop the chauvinistic ego demon’s monstrous dance
to bring the harmonious existence and interdependence.

Stop the social injustice in the name of religion and caste
to endlessly suppress the gender’s genuine freedom in haste
stop tracelessly crushing their blooming creative motif early
to assure that women are ever well below men surely.

Stop peering into their accomplishment with discriminating eyes
to search for evidence of hypothetical flaw which decries
stop being a stubborn stumbling block to their advancement
but enhance encourage enthuse and emanate their achievement.

Lets stop erasing and ending them as embryos, fetuses and cells
afraid of the social burden, financing their wedding bells
lets face, baby is happiness whether lovely girl or boy
discriminating against graceful girl is unnatural a ploy.

Lets stop spoofing them every single hour on the streets
intimidating them to totally shun those unavoidable meets
let them share joyful moments with decorum and dignity
let them also have fun and frolic which is theirs truly.

True irony, women are worst enemy to woman is genuine
universal callous attitude to other women is feminine
preference to man to madam is surely all too prevalent
to many damsels woman and men aren’t equivalent.