Poems by
Dhisha Girglani

Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity

a poem by Dhisha Girglani

Mankind- selfish, greedy and corrupt,
What a way to sum it all up.
The facts are the facts,
there isn’t much we can do,
except share some acts,
of love, care and some kindness too.

Do unto your neighbour as you want to be treated,
because there is no doubt every good deed is greeted,
greeted with warmth, thanks and love
and are returned to us with all the above.
Service to humanity is like service to God.
Help the poor, down-trodden and weak
and win God’s support.

Unity, liberty and fraternity,
all the virtues stated above.
Most important is fraternity, that is brotherly love,
stick together in good times and bad,
and one day when God judges you,
you sure will be glad!
Glad that you cared and served mankind,
for service to humanity is service to the Divine.