Poems by
Devarajan R


a poem by Devarajan R

Relations we were
On all seasons, either spring or autumn
Assemble unanimously for all reasons
Like numerous birds in a single tree
We extend our feathers with glee
Our elders were pillars
Shadowed us from all sorrows

We were never tired
And spilled nothing but love
And increased the pressure on neighbors
Increased the degree of envy

We are bonded to each other
And exchanged all sorts
Our theories were monumental
And our relations were historical

We constructed like building blocks
Thick as our blood
And exhibited our blood relations
Exhibited our relations
Exhibited our affection
Deep rooted and no one can spew out

Generations change and the relations too
Rather than human touch
We are bonded by electronic touch
We satisfy ourselves with digital feelings
We can only hear, cannot see
We can only speak, cannot see
We can only read and reply, cannot share

We are addicted to keyboard and buttons
Other than that we cannot afford
Hitherto, the relations are tide
They fly, fly and no one to guide

Feelings shared under candlelights
Whips the mind and gears all days
The same now under the satellites

We never obey our mind
We oblige to wires
Live wires rules and surrounds our body
Than our nerves
We refrain our brain signals and refuse
We accept the signals of charged batteries
That burns and fuses.

We believe the mouse
Rather than our spouse
We unplug our relations

Screens and monitor thrills us
Ultimately we kill our brain
And put them behind the grills

Will this change nor continue
Will the touch and feelings come again?