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Ode to the Lady of Hope

a poem by Deepthi

Often when my mind wanders,
And my thoughts wade through the rising waters
I cling to thee Lady of Hope

When I often think I might cease to be,
And become a past amidst the future
Your eyes set their gleams on me.

When I stare at the stars,
And think about the times I’ll never do that again
You lend your rope to climb up and be amidst the stars.

When I think that this is the last second I might breath,
Your breath wades off the ghastly air clogged in my lungs.

Oft when I know that I have to build my broken wings,
You lend me hammer to make them stronger.

When I think that this might be the last word I’m penning,
You come along and give me a wand which creates history.

I bow unto thee Lady Of hope
Because the world would never revolve without your touch
Humanity would never see the beacon without thine lamp
Lives would never live if not for thine breath
How could I thank thee Lady of Hope
For you have changed lives and live among the Gods of Heaven.