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a poem by Deeps

Between me and you, and from me to you,
a bond that is so good and true;
Some people call it friendship,
they say it’s worth more than kingship.
But what they say is less, there’s more,
it’s a combination of feelings that soar.

A friend in need is a friend indeed-
but is it true, to it I often heed?
They say a friend is your second self;
Yes, my strength, my support and help.
In prosperity she shows her love;
In adversity I know her love.

Friendship is a knot which must not be broken,
between friends who speak a language unspoken.
Passion and quarrels, affection and fights,
between friends, these are common sights.
A friend is one who points out to you,
all the wrong in anything you do.
If she doesn’t, she’s not your friend-
It’s better your relationship comes to an end.