A dedication to my friends

a poem by Pramila Toppo V

Friends, pals, dost, yar.
who are these people?
And why are they so dear to us?

I guess no body can answer this
and a few more questions.
Some thing that is so common
Yet a mystery.

How is it that a few strangers whom we don’t know
slowly become so close to us?
How is it that in due course of time,
these strangers mean the world to us?
How is it that they start caring for us,
the way we do in return?

How is all this possible?
Yet it does happen… to each one of us…

Is it coz man is a social animal
and is incapable of living in isolation?
Is it just psychological?
Is friendship just a feeling
or is it more than just a feeling?
Yet it is wonderful…

There are so many poets, writers, and lyricists,
who’ve written about the many aspects of
This lovely relationship that people share among them selves.
I know I am not a great person,
But this relationship has also driven me write about it…

So, who is a true friend?
Every individual has his own definition…
Some say…
They should be understanding
They should be fun to be with
They should love us for whom we are
They should care for us
They should listen to us
When we need to talk to some one
They should share their thoughts with us
They should guard us from the evils
of this big bad world
They should be true to us
They should be loyal… Most of all
They should stand by us
through thick and thin…

And many more…
I feel a true friend is a combination
of all these qualities
So have I found a true friend?
Yes, I have… Not one but many…
Tanu, Anji, Becks, Naro, Manthan,
Sreeni, Anita, Vinod and many more…

But here comes the most important question
‘Am I a true and a good friend?’
I guess only they can answer this.