Poems by
Deepanjali Sinha

Forgotten Dream

a poem by Deepanjali Sinha

“I love him”, I love him”, I love him”,
I used to glow
Those sweet emotions used to flow
Of love, longing, desire, fire.
“Meet my wife” he addressed the crowd with a smile
In the beautifully landscaped garden of a club
“A girl from your village”!!, someone exclaimed,
Some smiled, some stood amazed, and others made a secret face
This was our reception day for which I had craved.

The celebration was hushed up soon
After we returned from our honeymoon,
My every effort to please him became futile
I lacked the qualities of a woman, I realised,
I scrubbed and cleaned and cooked and kneeled
But he never uttered a word of praise
Things went wrong unknowingly, without a trace.

In that shop, the other day
There was nothing to be angry upon, anyway
But he became very so,
Lost his temper and created a show
I felt so low.

The dinner had to be served before eight
I served with utmost care on his plate,
“Wrong combination”, “tastes not so good”.
These were his usual remarks on food
“Your are old fashioned”, “you need to be groomed”,
But he acted like a guest in his own bedroom,
His clothes must lie neatly on bed
Toilet sparkling
I ready to be lead.

Sweet words of love I waited to hear
For countless hours, days and years
Slowly I learned what thrilled him
What turned him into a mush
What emotions moved him
How and how much.
So when one day he said, “I love you”, in heat
A bubble of giggle almost choked me to death
To love and be loved.
Was it not my forgotten dream
“Oh yes”, I heard my heart scream
That very day, I left him forever
I could not stand his sight anymore.
Sensuous, refreshing and comfortable
Are the wings of freedom with which I soar.