Poems by
Deepanjali Sinha


a poem by Deepanjali Sinha

Finicky females falling for fashion
Fluid fanciful favouring a passion
Stylish socialites smartly stilted
Towards trendy tastes they are tilted
Bindis, beaded bags and vibrant bangles
Blouses and belts that are hot to handle
Skimpy string tied spaghetti tops are adored
Scarves, skirts, sarees have no score
Jodhpurs, jholas, jhali work and jewellry
Juvenile fashion is always heavenly
But who has devised this devastating fashion
Recklessly scanty obscene abomination
Hair dyed orange, pierced navel and fiery red lenses
Force family minded folks to face reality overbearing for senses
We waste our lives in wooing fashion
In careers, longings, needs, obsessions
In strategic scheme to accumulate wealth
Sometimes our strife stunt our health
But is it not very hot a fashion
To gather all kinds of possessions
What choices today are we facing
Either to race as the whole of mankind is racing
Or to lie content
And wait for the day to be spent
But hey, for those of you who are designers,
Those who are models and fashion signers
When these beautiful models sway their bodies sleek
I wish India, a happy India Fashion Week.