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The world so beautiful

a poem by Deeksha

The world so beautiful, the world so fine,
The world so up high in the sky.
The blushing stars twinkle in my eye,
The naughty meteors fly far in the night.
the streaks of light like the heaven’s might,
burn and glow like the charming bride.
The milkyway expanding spreads far and wide,
ending the gloom and pouring the light.
the mars shining in its glory of red,
coming down escaping in the shed.
the warrior orion with its prominent belt,
stands with bliss, the droll it appends.
The amatory moon in its albino style,
In the midst of mist and clouds it lie.
The gallanting seven tease in ease,
Join in hands and explore the pole star mystique.
The world so beautiful the world so fine
The world of chime, eulogy and dime.