Poems by
Debjani Kar


a poem by Debjani Kar

The morning was cool and calm,
with no worries and anxieties.
I sat beside the windows
and watched the blue, broad sky.
I knew I was alone, I know I am alone
and I will be alone;
these feelings submerged into my mind-
And I felt myself as a bird
searching for its cut, lost wings.
I have no dreams to dreams-
I have no wish to grant-
I feel like a dead old tree
with nobody around to look
upon her.
I have ceased to think
all that I have thought;
my past dreams, my hopes, my wish- seem to have lost
in the dark blind lane.
But when a ray of dim hope
fell on my face
I started to begin my journey of thoughts
with new dreams and wishes-
I wanted to feel like a new sunny day
when I felt that, it was nothing;
but a mere illusion, an illusion of
my thoughts, my dreams.