Poems by
Christopher Babu


a poem by Christopher Babu


D reams dawn and adorn us all Day – Dreams,
R ight dreams, wrong dreams – also – Night Dreams!
E nchanting, some exhilarating some… mere Dreams!
A uramatic aura fills some Dreams!
M any-a-time I dream my Dreams!
S plendid are they when they are glorious Dreams

D reams do fly plashless – I feel my… Dreams,
R arely my dreams do come true – they are Dreams!
E xpectedly I dream my Dreams,
A uspicious result of this competition on Dreams,
M akes my dream come true of the prize of Dreams!
S plendid, scintillating and lovely Dreams!

D reams come true when we strive for the Dreams!
R avishing beauties cherish my Dreams!
E xcellently they feel about my Dreams!
A mbience pervades and prevails over my Dreams!
M ascho feelings I depict in my Dreams!
S o, my youth longs for longing Dreams!