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On Gifting

a poem by Chandra

The veil of heart to lift,
And evince the concern and love,
One is bound to arduously plough
Through the shops for a gift.

To present, many occasions crop,
Festivals, ceremonies and Birthdays,
Seasons greetings and Wedding days,
None are we prepared to drop.

One goes for a present hunting,
The scale and variety on display,
Boggles the mind at the array,
And stands confused and wondering.

If it’s for a bubbly little kid,
The toy shouldn’t hurt or break,
And be of reputable make,
Yet within the purse’s grid.

If it’s for growing boys,
One knows they’re under the spell
Of battery operated gadgets swell,
Me thinks a Ph.D. is needed to choose the toys.

If it’s for giggling pretty girls,
Perhaps we may get a frock,
They may admire it and rock,
Or shove it and crave for pearls.

One can then thus opt safely,
For a story book to read and enjoy,
Or for a pack of dry fruits from Dubai,
Sans resentment and present it gaily.