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The Gun

a poem by Chance

The gun empowers men who cannot think.
The gun makes equals of all.
The gun is a right, that does no right.
The gun is power that has no limitations.
Fear, is the fuel of the gun.
The gun created our nation,
as the gun is destroying it.
We live by the gun, we survive by the gun,
we rule, by the gun, as it has always been.
The gun is not a truth, the gun is not a virtue,
the gun does not come from our minds
it comes from the darkest regions of our soul.

A time once existed
when the gun was the only means for justice to prevail.
That time has passed.
Freedom, will always shine through.
The will of the many, will forever overcome.
The end of the reign of fear must die with us.
If it does not, we will pass the fear to our children,
and they to their own. For they have learned from us.
The ignorance must expire parallel to our own existence.
If it does not the cycle will never be broken.
End the reign of the gun. Set us free.