Poems by
Brinda Srinivasan D

United World

a poem by Brinda Srinivasan D

Let the entire world be one
All the people living under one sun
Let there be no desert, mountains, rivers
Let not people be separated by landforms and seas

Let there be only one language
For the people to converse in all ages
Let the climate be alike everywhere
Anyone can survive anywhere

Let the birds travel anywhere
May the animals move everywhere
Let the soil be same far and wide
Let the trees and plants grow all the sides

Let there be no handicapped or disableds
Like deaf, dumb, blind, or any ills
Let the people be of same complexion
With similar personality and perfection

Let the tradition, customs, dress and food
Be same throughout the world
Above all let the human character,
Behavior be same and authentic

Let everyone treat others as friends
Let there be no distinction and differentiation
Let the enmity and hatred vanish
Let love and affection always flourish