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An angel of selflessness

a poem by Bindhiya

Alone along the quiet valley,
Stood she in a delusive qualm
Around lie the vast emptiness,
Filling the soul with a strange sting of pain.

Buried within the small heart,
Lies a huge hoard of love
Beneath every humane mind
Does the wonderword “sharing” flow.

“Carry this throughout the vast life”
Said the inner conscience from within
“Care and kindness together with
Will heal all your trouble and dismay”

Determined thought led the way
Thro’ trails of the path she had long cast away.
Different though the feeling,
In it lie embedded profound peace.

Earnestly, she briskly walked along the lustrous green fields,
Towards the early dawn,
Enlightening the person she was,
To an immediate angel of selflessness.

Famished lands bloomed beautiful blossoms,
Surrounding her with immense satisfaction,
Fortunate was she with such enormous contentment,
Letting away the world to flow with its own reaction.