Prim and Proper

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

Gave Lisa the, kinder garden helper,
an engagement ring,
she was pleased
decided to have a party at her flat
invite as few of her friends
who happened to be teachers.
Although I didn’t like them
much the women were prim and the men proper
I said yes, that’s ok.
On the way I went into a bar for a little snifter
met John who insisted I have one on him.
Yes, ok. Then I had to pay him one
but as I turned to leave
he insisted I have one more
and before I had a chance to say no
he bought another round,
now I had three and wasn’t in any haste to join the party,
John and I had been in the navy together
and had lot to talk about.
It was passed midnight when I stumbled to Lisa’s flat,
she was angry
flung the ring at me said it was a fake,
which hurt ‘cause it was true.
Got maudlin and sang her tearful tune,
she threatened to call the law
and nosey neighbours congregated in the hall.

Months later
I saw wedding picture in the local paper,
she had married a teacher,
she looked prim and he looked so very proper.