Poems by
Binayaka Chakraborty


a poem by Binayaka Chakraborty

Here they come, there they go,
They make us wobble around our home
They do not harm physically,
But will destroy you mentally.

They will make you scream,
They will make you jump out of fear;
Put nothing else in your minds, my dear
Because the exams are here.

A kind of fear,
A kind of sting
And a little stab of tension,
They will just make you faint.

They are just like Mt. Everest
Very hard to scale, very hard to climb.
But the feeling of reaching the summit,
After the exams, it will come to your mind.
There they came, here they go
They made us wobble around our home.
They terrified our mental ability;
But left us a feeling of immense victory.