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This is Love

a poem by Binay

I don’t need to fall at her feet
to implore her to come back to me
But I do need to hide the tears
’cause I don’t want her to see them.
She made a hole in my heart
but I can’t do the same.
And now I command the sinking ship.
I’ll get over her, I know I will.
I pretend the ship’s not sinking.
I just say to myself
it’s another love story,
another Titanic going down.
Was it love?
Whatever it was, it’s all over now
and life goes on.
Is it all over now ?
Guess not, ’cause even today
give me a thousand Titanics
and I’ll gladly sink them all
for just that smile of her’s.
Now, that’s what I call love, real love,
love a breed apart.