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Why I learn new words

a poem by Binay

Whenever I looked into her eyes
I felt my heartbeat fast.
I watched her tender smiling lips
and wished the smile would last.
I told her all my joys and sorrows
except the fact that I loved her.
My eyes had been telling that
but she glanced the other way.
I placed my hand close to her’s
but she never held it tight.
Love I thought was felt and understood
but she wanted it signed and declared.
My love for her was immense
but I always ran out of words.
Words I felt would belittle
my love for her.
I never proposed to her
not even in my dreams
’cause I always felt that
love never needed to say ‘I love You’
I gave space to my love,
space to bloom and prosper naturally.
Then one fine day,
I felt her presence close at hand
and turned around
And lo! there she was, very near,
very near to her man,
a man she found in the space I’d given her.
I longed for a life-time friend and got two;
Two droplets rolled down my cheeks –
they have been my bed-mates since.
Then onwards I made a point
to learn a new word a day
to ensure I am never short of words again.