Poems by
Balaji S


a poem by Balaji S

Scenic beauty, creatures day,
Why? Why?
Memories casting picture perfect,
Dwelling for a while,
To move on with scenic smile;
Tell me why?
Asking the way, loosing direction;
Let me help you,
To stay afloat.
In these troubled shores of life.
Can I be your process to survive…
Or its just me,
Fighting the lack of possibility;
To hold on.

Head straight into the storm,
And ask why?
To be or not to be,
A question to survive.
With stimulus to lean on.
You just foray into the unknown,
For its like fire;
Burning all, burning desire,
Your song may be suicide,
Then ask why?
Down size your hope!
Demean your soul.
Is it what you seek,
I ask why?
Like river banks and of flooded gateways.
Another land, and another twist in my palm,
Still defeating the ways,
Of belief and nothingscape,
Then to struggle! Why man why?
Like waves in ocean.
You only rise to subside;
Not learning to this day.
Life’s ride,
Still just an apprentice.
Been there where you need not go.
Still night to sleep out.
Still dreams to cherish.
Still days to come!
To out throw and shout.
Out of nowhere as they seem.
The puzzle falls astray,
Why not?
Its just another game of glory.
Even those who dare…
Lack the fury…
Been what it takes;
Leaving behind my face,
In the clamor of fakes.
Just didn’t dare to ask why?

Sunset and sunshine,
We can build our home.
Right in heart of the tree.
Locked inside we would be set free,
For nothing seems to question;
My greed, why?

Placing those cards;
King, Queens and all the Knaves!!!
Stammering deeds; and shaken destiny.

Why don’t you live up?
Why do you quit.
All it seems like…
Is eating a sandwich with a piece of shit.

Roaming through the corridors of my mind!!!
And then ask why?