Poems by
Balaji S


a poem by Balaji S

Lost in the woods;
Where trees aren’t there,
I am an outcast in the enemy’s leir.
Walking away with a daunty façade.
The horsemen will be shown the way,
But I walk barefoot,
Watching the time play,
Macabre will bee the word to say,
As the elements battle out the day,
Watching the time go past in a relay,
Lost in the hills; where plains are there,

Sowing the seeds of dreams so clear.
As enemy and the end is near,
Slide ahead as if I have no fear,
Let them battle out!
Coz I am ready to take on their heir.
Follow the lanes on my head,
Living along a life so dear.
Hoping to clear the change with tears.

All this time being what I feel,
To this stage of life,
I act out an unwanted seal;
Pain is what I feel, so I must kneel.
God’s embrace will only make them heal.

Lost in the woods, where trees aren’t there,
Marching ahead for a battle fair,
Battle is of no consequence;
I am free of all multitudes and vengeance.
The storm will be stronger,
Coz we fear the silence near,
Way will be thorned, as you climb up,
So learn to withstand the pain so shrill.

The battle is a phony,
Counting on your memories parlance,
Lost in the woods, where dreams are clear,
Follow it up, as this is the place!!!
You should end up!! No remorse!