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Who listens to you…

a poem by Bajju

Lets take the bare minimum of the gods
Rama, Jesus, Allah, Sun are the lords
Each moment from dawn to dusk
We keep praying and requesting without any just

A hindu asks for good education for his son
At the same time a muslim asks for a good job for his daughter
Simultaneously a christian asks for a bright future for himself
Whereas a sun devotee might ask a book to be present in a library shelf
Wham!!! there might come a prayer from a street dweller
And a request by a rich jeweller
Who do you think comes for your Help
Had god differentiated among religions to help your problems gulp

Each one of us would have required a lifetime to get our turn
And help the questions and prayers churn
So that we might have the solutions earned
So my dear friends
We must realize that He who lends
Respectively, is not channelised as Rama, Jesus Allah or the Sun
But He is just one