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a poem by Bajju

Life has no ends
These are just new bends
A bend which leads to a new door
That promises to have something better for sure
As the way to do the door shortens
The blood pressure rises in sheer tense
What lies ahead no one knows
What’s gone behind have their own woes…

Why does one have to live with so many silly tensions
Its far better without such apprehensions
Life is not our choice
Death will never be our choice
The road in between has to be built on gratitude
On every object we come across, with a positive attitude
Positivity doesn’t guarantee a result
Negativity has one, with a consequential insult

When life has so much to offer
Why don’t most of us have much to infer
Life sux… is often said
By the young and the about to be dead
Is it so sour
That one can’t have peace and happiness for an hour…

When we are born the world laughs and we cry
When we die the world should cry as we smile at thy
Then there is a man who can say I have lived a happy life and been at peace
And urges other to move ahead and yearn at these
Because one can never find a way to happiness
Hey!!! Happiness is the only way…