Poems by
Baba T V R


a poem by Baba T V R

When I was a child, my papa took me to the park for a walk
I wondered what the flowers and bees talk
I loved the colours and shapes of the flowers
And praised the Lord for the beauty he showers
I loved the cool moon in the eve
With the lovely twinkle stars above
When I grew up, I went to the same park for a walk alone
I again wondered where those flowers and bees have gone
I cried for the lost colours and shapes of the nature
And asked the Lord why it has happened like a nightmare
The Lord, in my sleep asked me – don’t you know?
You, humans are the reason for the nature as at now
You cut the trees and demolished forests
You wasted waters and dig the mountains for your nests
I am sorry, my child now you have to do something
To bring back the colours and shapes of nature
I decided then…
To plant a tree once a week
Not to waste water as a crook
And spread the same to all my friends folk.