Poems by
Baba T V R

Mother is getting older

a poem by Baba T V R

Yes, looking as ninety plus at the age of fifty
mother of 900 million children
born as twins separated at birth
mother is getting older.

Dwindled with infighting of the organs
stabbed by own sister two times
who hasn’t learnt any lessons yet
mother is getting older.

Praying for her ‘grass eating’ sons
praying for her ‘queenly daughters’
mother is getting older.

Crying for her “Bapu”, “Indiras” and “Rajivs”
crying for her children of Bhopal and Latur
crying for her children “Harsads” and “Swamys” alike
mother is getting older.

Looking for the “saviour” son for the rescue
who can fulfil the dreams of her 900 million children
not to see their mother ageing.

Mother “India” is getting older.