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What about me?

a poem by Avantika

Don’t tell me,
that you’ll always be there
don’t let me
get used to leaning on you
don’t make me
dream wonderous fantasies
It’s all alright for you,
you’ll get up and leave one day
you’ll move on
and then, there will be,
just me.
It’s okay for you
you’ll catch a glimpse of love
and go on to find it somewhere…
where I’m not there.

Don’t tell me
how much you care
don’t let me
care about you.
Don’t make me
wish to be with you.
Don’t lie to me that way
even though… I want you to.
Sooner or later,
the sun will come up,
reality will set in,
this tiny dream world will end…
I know you’ll be alright,
but what about me?