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You’re Beautiful…

a poem by Avantika

God, you’re beautiful
Everything about you is just gorgeous
Your big brown eyes
The broad shoulders
Your innocence, your honesty
The sincerity in your voice
So untouched, so pure…
You stand so earnestly
Aware of yourself
Oblivious to the pretenses that surround you.

Me, myself…
I’m a little crazy
Drowning in my own pool of lies
Don’t know what’s true anymore…
Don’t have the strength to differentiate
Me, myself
I’m ugly
Lost in my rage…
Forgotten what I’m so angry at now…
But too scared to let go.

Would you take me in?
Would you take me away?
I know, there’s no reason
But would you love me anyway?

I think,
You’re just so beautiful
That maybe, with you…
I’ll bask a bit in your glitter
And I’ll be beautiful too…
I think,
If you could see me
See some beauty… in all my crazy imperfections
Would you hold it up…
Shine it up a bit
So I could see it too..
So I’ll know..
I’m as beautiful as you.