Poems by
Atanu Dasgupta

Journey through Loneliness

a poem by Atanu Dasgupta

I’m sitting on the park bench alone,
Remembering times that has passed,
Waiting for the sunset, seeing the reflections on the tranquil water,
Life was a long traverse along the edge.

Met people who are strangers today,
Where is the faith that used to bind us all together,
Flowers still blossom, music remind me of the past,
Childhood memories are stronger than realities.

Life shapes like a clay mould,
God only know shape our life takes,
We are desperate insects trying to get out of the web,
Loneliness eats us like a cloud obscured the moon tonight,
What did we get here, what have we lost infact

Anything we planned for the new generation,
In the midst of deception we have traversed all years,
Waiting for the happiness, and peace.
There are flowers still and birds to my sing,
Are we missing the glory, the thrust to be alive.