Poems by
Ashwini Sharanya N S

My Dream

a poem by Ashwini Sharanya N S

Getting into the world of happiness,
I was there with cheerfulness,
With skimpiness sorrow and solemnness.

I enjoyed the pleasant scenario,
When I stepped into the galaxy of Eldorado
I felt the lace to be quite cold,
And to my surprise, I was surrounded by cobweb of gold.

Besides, the beautiful garden,
I caught sight of the wonderful fountain,
Pouring like the curtain,
Of dazzling whiteness.

I saw the chirping birds,
The stealthily walking toads,
And the deer in herds.

Soon I was flying, enjoying the cool breeze,
Talking to the ‘the lovely legacy of wood’- the trees.

The albatross flying over the sea,
The buzzing sound of a bee,
The creatures speaking to me,
Made me feel glee.

Looking at the lighted house at my vicinity,
Giving a fever pitch and not a feeling of austerity.

I could perceive the festoons,
And there hung colourful bulbs shaped like cocoons.

I wore a gorgeous, lustrous,
Citrus, coloured dress,
I had a sumptuous regale and a splendid rendezvous,
And I felt “why can’t it be vicious?”

Just then I woke up with a scream – “yeah”,
I then realized it to be a dream.