Poems by
Ashwini Sharanya N S


a poem by Ashwini Sharanya N S

Life is full of ups and downs,
as balls, they bounce.

It is a mixture of feelings-
tantrums, ailment, agony or gay,
longing to have a good day.

“We have our exits and entrances”,
said Shakespeare.
“Struggle for existence”,
said Charles Darwin.

Belief in luck and fate is ridiculous
for it does not guarantee success.
crossing many hurdles,
being tranquil,
with hardwork getting doubled,
success is “POSSIBLE”.

Life is said to be ‘SEVEN AGES’,
experiencing variations in various stages.

Life is like a candle,
the world regards relinquishing as mythical.
Being sacrificial is not hilarious,
but… without any expectations it is spontaneous.

Life has to be meaningful,
aimless life is awful.

Life is like a play,
do you accept what I say?

Life is as precious as gold,
so be bold,
play a good role,
become as strong as a bole.

The proverb goes-
‘life is not a bed of roses’, yet,
‘slow and steady wins the race’.

L – Love
I – Inspirations
F – Faith
E – Empathy