Poems by
Ashwin Kumar

Tronics Trickles

a poem by Ashwin Kumar

Flintstones and fire, wear and a spear,
Were all that we needed in my yesteryear,
When the world was petite, needs were less,
With Kith and kin staying right with us!

Those were the days of the ancient past,
When people lived with limited cast!
Things have to change as it always does
For we can’t really stay like somber joes!

Man realized there were tougher jobs
That he cannot do with even mightier mobs!
But he knew for sure, he was the one supreme,
And had the brains for even a bigger dream!

To carry him over, thousands of miles,
Was not a joke or a usual wile!
To speak with people and share a smile
Beyond the horizon, seems to demand some guile!!

To tame machines to do his work,
We need a magic, agreed even the berk!
We even wanted to replace the sickle,
And that is the moment when tronics trickled!

This sacred mother of all inventions
Is the magic wand that changed all conventions!
It has its life in the tiny electrons
And is here to stay for many aeons!!

Right from the watch on the wrist,
To the satellites on the air,
Tronics shares an unforgettable tryst
And plays a role that’s quite fair!!

The movie that we enjoy
And the telephones that we use,
Are nothing but a tronic toy!
I bet! They never fail to amuse.

Sound of a motor in a distant factory,
And fan that rotates as you read this one,
The bulb that glows even in the lavatory,
Would have been a dream and this isn’t a pun!

The car that you drive and train you catch,
Friendship overseas that you intend to patch,
The voices of you loved ones wherever you want,
Medical gadgets when you huff and pant!

The music you have listened,
And the robot that has been christened,
The automation that you see,
And the means when you wanna flee!!

Few good reasons are these to say,
Right from my heart without any pay,
That where we are from where we were,
Is all because of tronical care!

The journey is long and we’ve just begun,
Thanks that we have a flawless wagon,
Get in to it and join us folks,
We’ll take you to future and these aren’t jokes!