The waves of the flame

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The sun radiates light
The moon reflects.
The candle melts
The flame too a glow on earth.
The stars twinkle.
Clouds around the globe.
Flow around a sphere.

Symmetry and asymmetry
In the Universe varies.
Varies in space time.
Density fluctuations reminds
Fluctuations with time.

Can all plasma condense
As we desire in time.
Is the plasma not homogeneous
To spot the hot spots
It needs to be condensed.
All have happened.
We need more energy and
Matter in many forms.
Can we catalyse the evolution.

Matter in space time
And rays and waves the media.
Can you freeze the waves
As you desire.
Waves do curl
Amidst the fluctuations.
The spin remains too.

Can there be energy in emptiness.
There can be waves.
The frequency varies.
The energy matters.

It has all taken long time.
In billions the years.
Still we have time.
We have both matter and energy.