Poems by
Arun Agarwal

My Desire

a poem by Arun Agarwal

Let me be your tear drops,
So that I can be born on your hypnotist eyes,
live my graceful life on your soft, smother cheeks
and die on your lovely and delicate lips.

If not, then let me be your hanging ear rings,
so that I, near your ears, can sing my love songs,
and whenever you walk in your lovely swing,
I will be oscillate and will be kissing your marvellous cheeks.

If not, then let me yours lucky necklace,
so that I could, coiled around your splendid, slim pot neck,
keeping myself to the closest of your heart being tangle,
from where I can enlighten your heart by the light of my pure love.

If not, let me be your instrumental colourful bangle,
so that I can hang on your soft and charming wrist,
and would play my soothing love’s Music whenever your hand twist.

Otherwise let me be your favourite lips stick,
so when ever you puts me on your delicate lips,
I would able to feel the warmth of your kiss’s sip.

If not then let me be your glorious Bindi,
so that I can be placed on your top whenever you crown yourself with me,
from where I can radiate out my love from its burning flame,
and you will turn more and more lovely and elegant’ under that rain.

Or, let me be your ‘Chham-Chham’ ‘Payalia’,
so that I can have atleast a place in your feet,
from where, I can give my tribute and adoration, to you in gentle,
producing soft and pleasant sound, when ever you walk,
just like a bell ringing in a temple.