Poems by
Arul Prakash

The world knows not

a poem by Arul Prakash

The joy of a mother for her kids,
the frolic of the carnival kid,
the pleasure of the lovers first kiss,
the pride of the painter for his creation,
the world knows not.

The craving for a mothers love,
the pain of a lovers soul,
the hunger of a kid,
the depth of the teenage heart,
the world knows not.

The fear of the young lad for the dark nights,
the despair of the father who lost his kid,
the sorrow of the departed love,
the desperation of the writer for his block,
the world knows not.

The sound of the waves that hit the shore,
the fragrance of the first bloom of spring,
the sight of the early summer sun,
the touch of the new born offspring,
The World know NOT.