Poems by
Anwesha Banerjee

The Blowing Leaf

a poem by Anwesha Banerjee

I am a leaf blown by wind,
a ship without a sailor,
my journey has no end…
enduring it I have lost my colour.

I am alone and yet in a crowd,
thousands like me are all around,
I have nothing to lose and none to be proud…
carried by storms, rain, thunder and cloud…

I was fated to be a wanderer,
trampled by feet I’m still resilient,
what goes unnoticed is my valour,
all think I’m aimless and pliant.

Today I’ll be buried in the soil,
no one will remember my life’s toil!

Suddenly, fluttering in the wind,
I reach the tiny feet of a child…
The little one gives me a curious look,
picks me up…
and here I lie between the pages of a book.