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Twelve strikes to the end

a poem by Anusha

Days ran by happily when I was young.
Night and day, each hour flew away.
But now a sudden lull in my life’s song was sung,
Stopping everything that made life happy and gay.

Memories wash upon me, as my pendulum of life strikes twelve,
Eleven more to go to the end of my time.
My heart with a mixture of happiness and sorrow does swell,
For soon this life shall no longer be mine.

As my hourglass runs short with speed,
I struggle to keep memories from fading.
A four-year old to the forty has grown my seed,
A long life of satisfaction forbading.

Eight more to go before I close my eyes,
Forever lost in a dream I never realized.
My mind fades and so do the blue skies;
I’m on my way to one place I truly despised.

Five more before my heart stops beating,
I smile at the tears of the ones I love.
A part of me still scared of leaving;
The other taking away all these years of searing pain above.

Two more, now the time is near,
Before my eyes shall never again see;
To bid good-bye to my dear,
Who in my heart shall forever be.

The last strike upon the clock,
My heart is silent and so my eyes.
My journey through life has reached a stop,
And I’m on my way to paradise.