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Blind Tears

a poem by Anusha

Days were long and nights were young,
As we waddled away when we were young.
Our minds and hears so pure and free,
Our smile as wide as the open sea.
But all those days are now just past,
Of a life we once had thought did not last.
And now I stand here beside your grave,
Tears held back as you I could not save.
Your past haunting my every move,
Though my innocence was proved.
That day, the beginning of an end,
To a fate I could not defend,
And now I see you here motionless,
My eyes brimming with sadness.
That fateful day when we played,
The hour glass of your life had swayed.
Suddenly a crash of broken glass,
Your life was gone and so the broken glass.
A tear I cry to show my sorrow,
No limits and words to express as today turns tomorrow,
And now again I see you here so lifeless,
Your grave I pray, Rest In Peace as you were to me priceless.