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Like a rain drop

a poem by Annette

Your world seems to be so clear,
You seem to live in no fear,
But inside you’re so insecure
How much more can you endure??

Life isn’t all about covering up,
Of being afraid and shutting up.
Its not about how long you can hold on
Its about knowing how to carry on

Sometimes you need to let yourself fall,
There could be a whole new world beneath it all
WORDS can open up your mind
It’ll reveal what you wanted to find

Then you’ll see the LIGHT you never saw before
And you’ll understand what you’ve been living for
And that day you’ll make your own mark
There will be no more of DARK

Everyone has a reason to live,
We’re born to love, forget and forgive.
We’re here to find our missing link
The reason for which we’ll never sink.
That something or someone will teach you to love again,
That its ok to feel the pain

Life brings out rebellions in us,
But is it really worth all the fuss??
If you think what you’re doing is wrong,
WHAT are you waiting for so long??
If you’re worried about what people will think,
At least do it for your missing link
‘Cos you don’t need to go astray
Just ‘cos people don’t think your way

You have a persona of your own
No one is like you, you have the first turn.
So all you have to do is uncover yourself
And take full control of your life.