Poems by
Aniket Neurgaonkar

The Real Goal

a poem by Aniket Neurgaonkar

When the soul glides,
the mans tear slides,
soul views its dear ones,
they observe the body by sympathetic glance,
their mind rushes down the corridors of memory,
thinking of the past they cherish the mans glory,
but they are crestfallen,
to see the motionless body fallen,
the soul tries to communicate the things left unsaid,
vain are its attempts to see the responses delayed,
the state of mind and heart of the people,
is akin to that of the water without a ripple,
each moment passes as an eon,
but ceaselessly the journey of the soul goes on,
the attachment binds the soul,
pulls it down away from the real goal,
love of the near ones makes it worse,
ruining the souls course,
soul longs to return to eternal peace,
seldom do they know about the ocean of bliss,
desires and wishes made by the man,
makes way for the future birth plan,
mournfully the soul is captured,
the ubiquity is ruptured,
and the soul is trapped,
inside the body it is wrapped,
this is just an example of one soul,
led by the thoughts away from ones goal,
we are all the trapped ones,
but with an infinite potential to rise at once,
the free will is ours,
use it rightly to cross the physical bars,
to avoid the souls consternation,
give up the programmed animation,
Remember Him (God) to achieve Him,
He is the goal ever luminous never dim,
rise beyond the physical,
to perceive the journey subtle,
for we are here to travel away and away,
to embark on the infinite course is the only way.