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I used a Bazooka

a poem by Aneeket

Stand in the Middle of a freakin’ Freeway
No Peak hours
Stare into the Trailer Truck
150 mph my way… I look on
Just across
50 metres maybe… may be 100
I don’t move
I don’t flinch
It stares back hard
I look into its eyes
Bright ones it has
I am not terrified
Can hear it scream
Can see it blink
You are thinking why
You know I am not fearless
You know I am not suicidal
Then you think I am a fool

A fool it is then
A fool with a M20 over his shoulder
Then may be a stunt
I am sure
What’s with the cross-hairs
I just feel lucky
As I release
Fall back flying
Recoil they say

As I watch it go boom
Flying over my head
I watch it in 5x
I turn my head
Eyes glued
Crashes… strewn all over
A mess…
I feel it in my head
I guess that’s my resonance frequency
Some use tuning forks
I used a bazooka…