Poems by
Andre Joseph

Shallow Water

a poem by Andre Joseph

Yes, you took me under.
I drowned in shallow water,
washed me so filthy, yes you did.
Hallow words, empty kisses, a cup half full.
Gave me all of you, that is in parts,
but it was enough to steal my heart.
Behind your eyes were endless oceans of love,
Your words were so tender, foolishly I surrendered to you.
You took me under when you said that you would marry me.
Your words seemed so real, the river seemed to fill,
But it was only shallow water.
The ocean I had seen, was just a dream, in it I was the center,
foolishly like a child I surrendered to you.
You promised me endless oceans of love,
but washed me filthy, where I drowned in shallow water.