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The old man’s dejection

a poem by Anantharamakrishnan

Cataract has started clouding my sight,
Yet I may see with surgery and glasses.

Sclerosis has made my hearing rather hard,
A hearing aid is that’s needed to ward.

Arthritis has bent my back and knees,
A stick to lean and I walk in peace.

Money – much of it I’m losing in medical bills
Many of my friends – Oh, the great Time kills.

A lot more that make me suffer, physically sick
Yet I get on with some luck, a lot of will and trick.

God forbid, I develop a palsy that confines me to bed,
Or a failing memory that brings another human to fend!

Knowing man, Lord! I’ll rather go, than depend.
Take me Lord; leave not me, on some one to depend.

So dear God bless me that I may be in one piece
Till the day you choose for me to Rest In Peace.