Poems by
Anantha Babu

My path, my life

a poem by Anantha Babu

Walking on to other paths
My life leads on and on
But clear seems to be my path
And my past has long gone

I meet with people on the way
They greet me well and warmly
Some show me fun and play
While others stop to warn me

Long is road but I walk it
I tread my path come what may
Secretes I find but those, I lock it
In my path there is no night or day

Seems a long and weary walk
But I do not tire though I may stumble
I pass doors and some answer my knock
And rubble, under my feet, crumble

The road is wide and sometimes tough
But I manage to tread it somehow
My footfalls I never let be rough
As I wipe my sweat off my brow

The earth of my path is strong and hard
But the grass upon it is like a pillow
There is nothing that seems marred
And tall trees of pine and willow

My path is beautiful and great
It is laid before me but unknown is its end
The grass I mar with every step I take
But somehow they seem to themselves mend

Fortunate am I to have such a road
Happy are my ways here
But I reach a fork in the road
One is misty and the other clear

Clear will lead to a life of my own
Misty will lead to a life of responsibility
I must reap that I have sown
And choose the road so misty

And so ends the road long laid
I must make mine own now
Choosing not the one already made
But the one I must lay somehow