a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Softly I walk away from the tragedy that has sought me
I hear you call my name but embrace the darkness all the same
I feel no shame I place no blame
It is not easy for you to see that all I have is all I can be

I wash my hair as tears stream down my face
I don’t want to be in this lonely forgotten place
I need to hear that I too can find a true love
I am after all a child from god above

I turn the music on in my head
And I dance with a love that is dead
I rejoice for once in its silence
I release the pent up violence

I chase the flowers of the world
And I ran after you like a little girl
I know now the truth that I missed
I wanted your love without a kiss

You showed me how to survive
You took me on as if I were yours to hide
I take ownership now my friend
I won’t love you though no this is
The End