Poems by
Anagha Ramanujam

The Lighter Side

a poem by Anagha Ramanujam

The very first of the year it is.
And people have already begun to hop-
From shop to shop
That has gone on discount,
Trying to allure customers
In numbers impossible to count.
To buy fridge and Washing Machines-
And Microwaves et al.

“All under one roof”- The catch line goes,
Huge crowds and wait listed deliveries
Indeed goes to show-
The customer’s weakness for low priced goods-
Never mind the quality, the lifetime or even the looks!
Go get them cheap-
Even if you’ll later sit n weep
Over your stupidity
And the defective piece!

One such customer, I met recently,
By the sale and the huge discounts-
She was floored completely.
I waited a Year for this discount, she recounts
And bought a microwave, a Fridge and a Cell,
Also a TV, some furniture and utensils for my shelf.

All in one go, accomplished was her mission,
Payment done and purchases completed-
Only no money, no delivery bags here needed.
For payment was made through Credit Card
And all goods now out of stock-
Would on a later date be delivered.
A day, a week, a fortnight or a month
Nothing indeed could possibly be inferred!

“Surely before the next sale”-
The sales man exclaimed
But the look on the lady’s face was anything but pained.
Mission accomplished, she returned home happy
And waited patiently for the delivery ‘cappy’.

A week went by and nothing had come
“We’ve placed the orders the shopkeeper had sung.
“Too many purchases “- we couldn’t cope
Sorry for the delay, I surely hope
The delivery boy comes by in the next fortnight
And sets up your home perfectly all right.

The doorbell rang- the fridge had arrived
Only it wasn’t the exact color prescribed.
“Oh, it’s all right! I did get it cheap-
But where are the other commodities-
I should get to keep?”
For the fridge had no trays, no freezer door
No stands to keep it erect on the floor!
“You didn’t pay for those ma’am”-
Was the quick response.
Come back to us and you aren’t at a loss
The discount is over but we still have stock
We’ll now supply everything round the clock!

The fridge was installed, but the door wouldn’t open
You needed both hands and all the force you could muster
For this new device was meant to cool faster.
A one handed pull would indeed bring the whole thing along-
To spill the milk and juice and topple everything inside.
A leg was bent and a side dented,
The guarantee was absent
The manufacturer had shut shop.

Oh, what have I done! I must go and stop
The other goods from arriving and causing further loss
My life was happier before I went to shop
At the annual sale that was anything but a flop.
I don’t need a TV, a microwave et al.
The next time I wish to buy some stock
The commodity with me I surely will flock.
I’ve saved enough for the rainy day
And forgotten peace n happiness n gay.
The annual sale is anything but a loss
To fool the customer and get him to buy
To watch all goods that in no time fly
Off the shelf and bring home profit
Leaving people perplexed and gaping
At what big fools they are in the making!