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a poem by Amanda

I told you its over and done with,
you told me Never.
But now, I understand you must be too good for me,
I thought we had something going on together?
I thought all my dreams were going to come true,
when I noticed I liked you too.

Now, I see that I like you a lot,
and now you just seemed to forgot,
you listen to these lies your ex puts in your head,
well, I think she needs to drop dead.
You shouldn’t listen to her,
she’s a liar,
she wants you back
and you can’t deny it.
I thought you were serious
when you told me its Never over,
I believed that,
but now all I can say is
that I deceive that.

I wanted there to be an “us”,
but that would never be
if there isn’t any trust.
Babe, you have to believe me when I say
I don’t just want to hook up,
and I don’t just say things just to say
‘cause I wouldn’t do you wrong in any type of way.
Your not a bootycall neither,
that’s just plain dumb,
‘cause do you know how many other guys I can get with,
but I get with none.
Since, I have such strong feelings for you,
and I know its not hard to prove,
but one day I’ll show you I’m all true.