Poems by
Alo Shome

Snoopy’s Fluff

a poem by Alo Shome

Snoopy is a Spits.
Akash, the young boy of the family
Is the centre of his life, his master.
Snoopy’s life
Depends on his master’s voice.
When it is gentle, honey-sweet,
Calling him, “Honey”,
Sunlight pours
Liquid gold for Snoopy
And his tail wags in ecstasy.
When it is cross
The heart throbs
As if
It is having a thrombosis.

They used to clip Snoopy’s down
To prevent it from catching fungus.
Now they don’t-
As an expert on Spits
Has cautioned them that
Cutting the over-growth
Causes emotional stress
To these breeds.
They leave alone his
Fistfuls of feathery flounce,
His candy-floss-light fluffy fur,

His poetry.