Poems by
Abraham Benjamin

Of confession

a poem by Abraham Benjamin

From dust I come, and to dust I go
Dung was my mind ;God made it sound
Ditcher was I ; Lord Jesus made me fly
Damned to die; but (He) redeemed (me) to Life

Nothing to brag and no one to chide
None to deliver, so naughty was I
Nectar was He who came neigh me
Netted me into nourishment with nudge.

Stronger I felt, shallow my thought
Haughtiness in me made me feel high
Wounded was I, weary my cry
Weaker I being worthless I felt.

Longing for Love , I was laughed at by all
Like to lead but last was I
Luxury and Lust, Life in death
Love is He, showered on me.

Glory to Him, Honour and Praise
God of all heavens and of the earth
Creatures are Not; Sole Creator is He,
Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.